Download E-books Werewolf: War Against the Pure (Werewolf the Forsaken) PDF

"We stand as brothers and sisters this night. Pack beside pack, rival beside rival, certain through blood and moon opposed to the forces that will come right here and homicide us all and our family members. sometime we can have the luxurious of battling among ourselves back, yet now not this night. this night we're one. this night we visit war."
--Ruth Hundred-Scars, Blood Talon

This publication contains:

* strategies, instruments, weaponry and different details for operating large-scale covert wars among the werewolves and their many enemies
* information at the Silver campaign chronicle hook, the place Luna extra at once empowers the werewolves to make struggle
* guidance for ancient battle tales, from prehistory to the 20 th century
* a possible new rival faction within the kind of 5 new beast-shifters and the principles to create and combine as many extra as acceptable
conflict opposed to the natural is a complement for Werewolf: The Forsaken.

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Download E-books Arms Law (Rolemaster Companion) PDF

By Jason O. Hawkins, S. Coleman Charlton, Bruce C. Shelley

Positioned speedy and livid wrestle into your event! palms legislation gives you myth and medieval melee and missile assaults with realistic-plus effects. basic to take advantage of, you are going to puncture, cut back, or overwhelm your foes with convincing fatality!

Arms legislation expands the wrestle procedure from Rolemaster myth position enjoying to its complete breadth.

Attacks from dozens of guns are all dealt with in a different way in order that every one weapon has a different suppose and taste. an identical is correct for animal assaults and different adverse maneuvers like falling, brawling, and martial arts.'s no longer the bruises that kill! serious harm is what wastes your enemies! hands legislations provides a dozen kinds of serious moves -- defined in brilliant element -- that let you graphically describe the brutality to combat!

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Download E-books Exalted Castebook Eclipse PDF

The Ambassadors of the Unconquered sunlight
tourists, diplomats and spies, the Eclipse Castes of the sun Exalted are the emissaries of the sun Tribe. but, those far-ranging wayfarers are greater than simply negotiators and retailers. With its figuring out of human nature and its talents on the bargaining desk, the Eclipse Caste serves because the key consultant to the extra militant castes.
The Envoys of Righteousness
Caste publication: Eclipse is the 5th Caste ebook for Exalted - books detailing the differing castes of the sun Exalted. inside its pages are all of the secrets and techniques of the Eclipse Castes, from the best and unbreakable oath they could administer to their fragmentary stories of the 1st Age to the mastery of the social procedure that they wield. This publication additionally includes the hot magical powers, ideas and artifacts that Eclipse Caste characters might want to perform their diplomatic missions.

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Download E-books Battletech Technical Readout 3067 PDF

By Herbert Beas

Within the savage FedCom Civil conflict that rocked the Lyran Alliance and the Federated Commonwealth for the previous 5 years, new machines of battle were swiftly validated and installed the sphere to aid flip the tide of conflict in every one faction's prefer. The Clans and different homes have additionally been busy, because the inner and exterior conflicts force the fast deployment of the hot army undefined. BattleTech Technical Readout: 3067 offers descriptions, online game information and illustrations for brand spanking new BattleMech and motor vehicle designs. It eventually unveils the following iteration of internal Sphere aerospace warring parties and OnmiFighters, in addition to the Clan's second-line combatants. A handful of recent DropShips also are permiered. This technical readout comprises these designs formerly released within the box guide sequence.

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Download E-books Shadow World: Emer The Lost Continent (Rolemaster Roleplaying, #6100) PDF

By Iron Crown Staff

From amazons to eerie jungle peoples, from prosperous sky-merchants to misplaced geographical regions in haunted lands, Emer is a big, richly ancient continent of wealth and power.

Dark forces lurk the following in addition: a cabal as previous as heritage has been reborn. There are others: the Dragonlord Voriig Kye, the Cult of Stars, and unspeakable creatures lurking underneath the Emerian mountains.

The nice Continent holds unlimited percentages for adventure!

Inside this box:
- The Atlas Addendum booklet (96 pages).
- The EMER crusade publication (96 pages).
- A 17" x 22" colour map of Emer.
- colour maps of Eidolon (the sky-city), and different cities.

Emer crusade booklet includes:
- an summary of the Emerian Cultures and survey of the Seven Regions.
- A heritage of the Masters of Emer.
- The sky-city of Eidolon
- Many layouts of towns and holds.
- Kaitaine, alternate capital of the West
- Adventures to problem younger adventurers and ambitious lords alike.

Master Atlas Addendum
The grasp Atlas supplied the constitution for Shadow international. Now the Atlas Addendum finds extra of the internal workings of this contradictory environment.
Two sections are dedicated to demons and their heirarchies. The darkish Gods of Charón are printed in all their may possibly. locations of strength and old artifacts are delivered to gentle, as are constructs and misplaced know-how. you will find additional information on magical fabrics and forging weapons.

Read the story of the key Circle, a cult of arcane strength that seeks to smash the Essence itself!

The grasp Atlas Addendum includes:
- A chart protecting all races and cultures in Shadow global to date.
- a tremendous come upon Chart
- New Demons
- A thesaurus and Pronunciation Guide.
- Artifacts and locations of Essence.
- New Spell lists, and a bit on how Spells are manifested.
- An improved Timeline.

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Download E-books GURPS Ultra-Tech PDF

By David L. Pulver, Kenneth Peters

Weapons, autos, and Gadgets

GURPS Ultra-Tech is the sourcebook for science-fiction know-how, from the close to destiny to the farthest reaches of the mind's eye. it is a beneficial significant other to GURPS Space, GURPS Bio-Tech, and GURPS countless Worlds, and a good source for any personality or crusade that wishes know-how from the next day to come . . . and past. GURPS Ultra-Tech is filled with own apparatus for heroes and superheroes from TL9 to TL12, including:

  • Weapons - from caseless attack carbines and monomolecular swords to antimatter warheads and disassembler nano.
  • Protection - How do you cease a nanomorph murderer with a field-jacketed X-ray laser rifle? test a dreadnought battlesuit and a private strength monitor . . . .
  • Medicine - Superscience can heal, rebuild, and increase on nature. dying itself can turn into a short lived inconvenience. With cybernetics and neural interfaces, ultra-tech clinical apparatus and brain importing, "medical miracles" develop into daily occurrences.
  • Transport - Air vehicles, hovertanks, tilt rotors, grav belts, supercavitating minisubs, matter-transport cubicles - plenty of how one can get the place the motion is, for the adventurer at the go!
  • As expertise advances, the road among guy and desktop may well develop into more and more blurred. GURPS Ultra-Tech presents ideas for constructing the services and boundaries of man-made intelligence, in addition to templates for robot or overall cyborg our bodies, from convenient technical 'bots to shapeshifting nanomorphs.

And nonetheless extra! residing biosuits, laptop implants, holographic projectors, psionic amplifiers, neutrino communicators, nanofactories, hyperspectral goggles, chameleon fits, fix paste, Dyson spheres - there is something for each event at each tech level.

GURPS Ultra-Tech was once written by way of David L. Pulver, co-author of the GURPS uncomplicated Set, Fourth Edition, and writer or co-author of over 60 different gaming books, and Kenneth L. Peters, the writer of Transhuman house: Spacecraft of the sunlight System, and a co-author of Transhuman area: below Pressure.

This is the 3rd version of GURPS Ultra-Tech; it's been revised to the GURPS Fourth Edition principles. The oldest fabric integrated right here dates again to the 1st variation of GURPS Space; different fabric used to be revised from the GURPS Third Edition models of GURPS Ultra-Tech, GURPS Ultra-Tech 2, GURPS Cyberpunk , GURPS Psionics, GURPS Robots, and Transhuman Space. The softcover reprint includes a similar fabric because the prior print run (updated for the most recent errata, of course!), with black-and-white interiors and a reduce price.

From the sting of the following day to the star-flung destiny, GURPS Ultra-Tech can equip your characters and your campaign!

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Download E-books Monster Manual: Core Rulebook III v. 3.5 (Dungeons & Dragons d20 System) PDF

Fearsome and bold foes lurk inside of. come across a horde of monsters armed and able to conflict your boldest heroes or struggle along them. The absolutely illustrated pages of this booklet are overrun with the entire creatures, records, spells, and techniques you must problem the heroic characters of any Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

Over 2 hundred creeps, critters, and creatures preserve avid gamers on their feet. From aboleths to zombies, the revised Monster Manual holds a various forged of enemies and allies crucial for any Dungeons & Dragons crusade. There are 1000s of monsters prepared for motion, together with many new creatures by no means obvious prior to. The revised Monster Manual now comprises an adjusted structure that makes monster data more straightforward to appreciate and use. It has 31 new illustrations and a brand new index, and includes extended info on monster periods and taking part in monsters as heroes, besides details on tips on how to take complete benefit of the tie-in D&D miniatures line deliberate for the autumn of 2003 from Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

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Download E-books Fiendish Codex I: Hordes of the Abyss (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy Roleplaying Supplement) (pt. 1) PDF

Uncooked Chaos and natural Evil

Out of the maelstrom of chaos the demons came–a primordial horde of perverse souls ate up by means of hatred. they're as historic and limitless because the multiverse itself. Even the bottomless Abyss couldn't comprise their malice, and they opened up around the planes, corrupting and destroying every little thing of their direction. No residing soul is past their succeed in, and with every one conquered soul their numbers develop. What can stand opposed to the sort of terrifying onslaught?

This complement for the D&D® online game provides the definitive treatise on demons and their unspeakable domestic aircraft. besides information regarding the body structure, psychology, society, and schemes of demonkind, you’ll locate feats, spells, goods, and strategies generally hired via demons and those that oppose them. This booklet additionally offers particular info on numerous demons, demon lords, and Abyssal layers.

For use with those Dungeons & Dragons® center books
Player’s guide™ Dungeon Master’s advisor™ Monster Manual™

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