Download E-books Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Rulebook PDF

Warhammer myth Roleplay (WFRP or WHFRP) is a roleplaying approach created by way of video games Workshop. it's set within the previous global, which bears a few resemblance to past due medieval / renaissance Europe. the area is threatened by means of the forces of Chaos. the foremost strength within the outdated international is the Empire, within which lots of the adventures can be found. The Empire itself is a rustic jam-packed with intrigue, conspiracies, and darkish plots. this can be the center algorithm that everybody wishes with the intention to play the RPG.

BL Publishing is the publishing wing of the area recognized video games Workshop workforce of businesses. in addition to its new Black Industries imprint, the department is usually domestic to the Black Library, which has been generating best-selling and award-winning novels, comics and artbooks set within the worlds of Warhammer considering that 1997. it's also the Black Flame fiction imprint for non-Warhammer titles, and Warhammer ancient Wargames.

Warhammer fable conflict was once initially released in 1986 and to that end authorized to Hogshead Publishing. this can be the second one variation of Warhammer myth Roleplay.

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Download E-books Pathfinder Player Companion: Blood of the Moon PDF

  • Conquer the beast inside and grasp your twin nature with Pathfinder participant spouse: Blood of the Moon! no matter if you’ve unwillingly succumbed to a lycanthropic curse otherwise you have been born having the ability to turn out to be a extra animalistic shape, this publication is the last word advisor to turning your primal sickness right into a special virtue. Harness the ability of animals as a skinwalker — an all-new race of bestial humanoids who can hint their ancestry to lycanthropes. detailed heritages for every form of lycanthrope make sure that your skinwalker stands proud from the remainder of the pack, and new archetypes, feats, spells, and magic goods permit gamers of any race to take keep watch over in their internal animal. it doesn't matter what kind of beast dwells inside, Pathfinder participant spouse: Blood of the Moon has all of the instruments you’ll have to wield teeth and claw beside sword and steel.

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Download E-books Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies PDF

By Rich Baker, Bill Slavicsek

Caught in site visitors. Trapped in a cubicle. caught in a rut.  knotted up in crimson tape.
within the genuine global, occasionally you are feeling powerless—but no longer in Dungeons & Dragons (D & D). during this fantasy-adventure, you will have all types of certain powers. you could slay the evil dragon, triumph over the orc or the ogre, hang-out the werewolf, and conquer sinister trolls. You enterprise into unusual nation-states, come upon unknown creatures, and use magical powers. Your personality grows and develops with each event.
With this advisor, you could research the fine details of D & D and begin taking part in right now. Dungeons & Dragons For Dummies supplies rookies the fundamentals of the advanced video game and is helping skilled gamers fine-tune their roleplaying. It courses you thru: * growing your personality (a robust fighter, a sneaky rogue, a artful sorcerer, or a charismatic cleric), and personality development * The races: people, dwarves, elves, and halflings * the categories of personality activities: assault rolls, ability cost, and talent exams * The 6 skills: energy, dexterity, structure, intelligence, knowledge, aura * Feat specifications and kinds * taking part in the sport, together with relocating in strive against, attacking with a weapon (melee assaults or ranged attacks), and harm and death * choosing talents, armor, guns, and kit * settling on spells in case your personality is a sorcerer or domain names for a cleric * development stumble upon or wrestle techniques and utilizing complex strategies * Maximizing your character’s strength with the purchase of the ideal magic goods: armor, guns, potion, scroll, ring, wand, employees, rod, plus wondrous goods * D & D online game etiquette * turning into a Dungeon grasp
There’s even a pattern play consultation that walks you thru regular play, will get you cozy utilizing the conflict grid and personality markers, enables you to try participant characters opposed to one another and opposed to monsters, and exhibits you ways so as to add tale parts to create an experience. Produced in partnership with Wizards of the Coast, written by means of D & D video game designers, and complete with a conflict grid, a pattern dungeon map, and a thesaurus, this advisor fingers you with the information to create and equip a personality and empowers you to go into the alluring, attention-grabbing global of D & D.

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Download E-books Greyhawk Adventures (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Rulebook) PDF

By James M. Ward

Develop into a part of the oldest non-stop delusion crusade as you discover elements of Oerth by no means noticeable ahead of. know about Greyhawk's deities, heroes, monsters, arcane goods, magical spells, and lots more and plenty, even more. A ebook for enthusiasts of Greyhawk and avid gamers of all myth role-playing video games.

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Download E-books Ghouls (Vampire The Requiem - World Of Darkness - WOD) PDF

By Chuck Wendig

Thralls of the Damned

Slaves to the addictive style of vampiric Vitae, ghouls alternate servitude for that heady substance. Servitude, in spite of the fact that, damns them excess of they recognize, as their unnatural yearning drives them to ever higher desperation and depravity. between these often called blood slaves, there is no such factor as "just one fix."

guaranteed to the evening

Ghouls examines the lifestyles and lot of these who serve vampiric masters. From in-depth ideas on being a ghoul, to ghoul households and platforms for growing them, to Vitae-fed crops often called mandragora, this publication totally explores the consequences of the Blood on mortal lives. Hardcover.

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Download E-books Pathfinder Adventure Path: Carrion Crown Part 6 - Shadows of Gallowspire PDF

  • The plot of an undead-obsessed cult, the Whispering approach, involves its terrifying climax! With relics accumulated from around the land, the death-worshipers trip to the tower of Gallowspire, in which lurk the deathless is still of the immortal evil wizard often called the Whispering Tyrant. Can the heroes face up to the ageless evil of Gallowspire to eventually defeat the Whispering means? Or will the Whispering Tyrant, one of many maximum fiends ever identified, be reborn and unleashed upon the area as soon as more?
  • A Pathfinder Roleplaying online game adventure for 13th-level characters, this quantity brings the terrible Carrion Crown experience course to its climactic end. This quantity additionally contains information at the strong undead liche, 5 terrifying new monsters within the Pathfinder Bestiary, new fiction within the Pathfinder's magazine, and lots more and plenty more!

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Download E-books Seekers of the Ashen Crown: A 4th Edition D&D Adventure for Eberron PDF

By Chris Sims, Scott Fitzgerald Gray

The 1st 4th variation Dungeons & Dragons(R) event set in Eberron(R)!

Will the adventurers be capable of thwart the machinations of a mad dragon within the hopes of saving town of Sharn from sure destruction? Is the slinky elven maiden relatively in difficulty or operating for the enemy? Is the physique within the morgue fairly the heart of this entire puzzle or only one piece? This experience, within the sort of a Dashiell Hammett novel, will surely attempt their ability and resolve.

This is the 1st complete event for Eberron with the 4th version D&D(R) principles. This experience builds at the pattern experience supplied within the Eberron crusade Guide yet can also be playable as a stand-alone event.

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